Saturday Afternoon Jump

12 – 1 Next Rated

Up and Coming artistes in and around Ibadan are celebrated.

1 – 2 Chatroom

A trending topic from the week is discussed via the social media platforms

2 – 3 r2 movie zone

Latest movies are talked about and top 5 box office. We intend to tie this to cinemas in Ibadan (Viva and Filmhouse).

3 – 4 Naija Top 10

We play 10 songs topping the chart in Nigeria.

4 – 6 Sports round up

it consists of three segments;

  1. Sports update: updates from all sports will be given.
  2. Head-on: two persons will be invited to the studio to argue out their point of view on a particular trending issue in the world of sports.
  3. Keeping scores: results from football matches will be discussed.