“The Green Room with Lady Gwen the Grand Duchess” #GRLG is to serenade listeners, to bring out all that lay beneath the soul that ordinarily people can’t talk about. Intriguing issues that one may not be able to discuss on the radio in the day time such as sex, masturbation, depression, anger, drug addiction, infidelity, rape, childlessness, theft, and many other vices that makes a listener to be judged at hearing will be the core of the programme.

The Green Room is a resting place for the listeners to come meet Lady Gwen exclusively to bear their soul out like a seeker to come to the mother confessor. The Green Room will be a place where Lady Gwen will listen if nobody would, would “try” and proffer solution as a “matured and experienced” human to another human. It is a place where you can find a friend, a shoulder to lean on and if you need a lover she would be one of a kind to that lonely whether married or unmarried man or woman. A place of no discrimination, no holds barred, no regret, purging, relieve, love, truth spoken, reality, connectivity and good music from Jazz, soft and mid-tempo ballad to go with the flow.