Family Med with Perpetua

On this programme, we will review a lot of challenges and issues that come up in homes. We will look at what the youths are going through in their various homes but do not want to replicate in their own homes. It is also a platform for youths who have been abused and find it difficult to talk to their parents to actually talk.

Some challenges and problems that come up between husbands and their wives will also be considered.

We will look at roles of every member of the family, managing finances, third parties, culture and tradition. This programme is a one stop shop for everything that happens in the home and this includes the helps. They also have a voice. Some of them are ill treated while some of them are evil. This programme also gives them the opportunity to express themselves.

The programme will generate its weekly topic from topical family issues which will be adapted as feature stories. The aim of Family Med is to help families – youths, husbands and wives learn to accept each other, change, adjust and live happily ever after. People are going through things in their families, which are tearing them apart. The programme aims to help them learn from people who have gone through same and make amends where necessary.