On Air Ambassador

Perpetua Ebunoluwa Ohacho

Perpetua Ebunoluwa Ohacho is a Christian broadcast journalist who believes her life (well, whatever she does really… eating, drinking, playing, talking, everything actually) should be a pleasing and acceptable sacrifice to God.

She loves to play, and silly though, she likes being driven in cool posh cars. Now away from that, Perpetua is a very serious person and looks forward to being a loud and renowned voice for the voiceless and vulnerable. This explains why I am here…Broadcast Media.

Perpetua started out as a ‘’clueless newscaster’’ who believed she had a good voice and only wanted to be heard but as time passed, she became more conscious of her environment and discovered there was more to just having a good voice. She found a cause and that changed everything.

Media for Perpetua is not just about talking, jesting and fame. It’s about finding a cause, driving the cause, making lasting impact in the society and driving change when there is need for it.

Catch the sweet voice of the voiceless on R2FM 92.9 Mondays to Fridays, 6am to 11am and on the Sunday Night Lounge on Sundays from 6pm to 12am.

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