November 6, 2017

Man brutally shot and stabbed future mother-in-law to death then went out to dinner with his fiancée and her father

An Ohio man has been arrested for brutally stabbing and shooting his future mother-in-law to death. Jeffrey Scullin Jr, 20, is said to have shot and stabbed Melinda Pleskovic to death on the night of October 23 before joining the victim’s unsuspecting husband for dinner at an Applebee’s, where his bride worked as a waitress.

According to Police reports, Scullin later called 911 to report finding Pleskovic, 49, lying dead in a pool of blood and even acted as a pallbearer at the woman’s funeral, three days before he was arrested for her murder.

Scullin was arrested after police searched his truck and found a tactical knife with traces of Pleskovic’s blood on it. More blood was found on the inside passenger door handle of the 2002 Chevy pickup truck.

The suspect was arraigned last Friday in Cleveland on charges including aggravated murder, felonious assault and tampering with evidence in the October 23 slaying of the popular school teacher and married mother-of-three. He did not enter a plea.

A judge set his bond at $1million. Scullin’s next court appearance is scheduled for November 13.