January 9, 2018

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Open Up About Relief Trip to Puerto Rico

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are opening up about their emotional trip to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of deadly Hurricane Maria.

The pair skipped the 2018 Golden Globe Awards over the weekend to tour the island and assess where millions of dollars of aid money should be spent.

“I could have been [at the Golden Globes], but I wanted to be here,” Lopez told Good Morning America, who followed the pair on their trip. “I chose to be here. I am here, I want you guys to know I am dressed in black too, even though I’m far away in Puerto Rico.”

Lopez called for Puerto Ricans to be “treated equally” and shared how she felt it was important to follow up on the fundraising benefits the couple spearheaded and “see with our own eyes,” how much progress has been made on the devastated island.

However, even flying in became a stark reminder of the substantial work that still lies ahead.

“When we flew in, we saw all the blue tarps on the roofs, which is an indication that the roofs haven’t been fixed yet,” shared Lopez, who brought a local man to tears after telling him he would receive some relief funds after living with a hole in his roof, no power and no front door since the hurricane. “We had high hopes that it was going to be further along than it is. But there is still a lot of work to be done.”

“I would wake up and she would be crying looking at social media,” added Rodriguez. “[It’s] one thing to raise money, the other thing is to actually fly down here, feel the warmth of the people, see the beauty of this island.”