About Us

R2FM is a youth centric radio station targeted at the 15 – 35 year olds. Male and female. On air 24/7, R2FM showcase youths’ powered by talent and a passion for youthfulness. We give youths a voice and a medium of expression. R2FM  showcase the things that excite the youths. Light entertainment

  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Talkshows – discussions & debates
  • Sports
  • News – Strictly entertainment news.

On R2 92.9 FM Ibadan, we have fun and engage the energy and enthusiasm of our youths to create fun and excitement. We create cool radio where our target find a shelter to harbor them with all their fun and excitement.

We create high-octane fun and excitement oozing fun and confidence while keeping at bay, boredom. We showcase and highlight what was hot yesterday, what is hot today and what will be hot tomorrow

Our Shows are all about fun, maintaining that light, exciting and easy feel. We engage our audience from an angle no one else has. We put a smile on their faces everyday.


Everything we treat is from a light entertainment perspective.

R2 92.9FM…  entertainment at its best.